Having played for thousands of clubbers over the past two decades in both Lebanon and across the Middle East, including Cyprus, Syria and Egypt, Johnny has been able to build a huge fan base in just a few months at one of the most frequented pubs in Gemayze “Gauche Caviar”, giving the nightlife in Beirut a new meaning where you could actually spend a club night at a pub!

His unparalleled mixing and track selection skills give him his unique identity and capability of turning a dance floor into total mayhem. With a worldwide spread mashup (Above and Beyond vs. Armin van Buuren - Good to love you more) and a few tracks in the bag as well as sold out club nights in Beirut, Johnny Rizk is beginning to give trance music a unique touch of quality and originality.

In 2009, Johnny played in Cyprus alongside trance legends Ferry Corsten in March and Armin van Buuren in August where he rocked the outdoor stage with a phenomenal 6+ hour set.


A young Johnny in the studio

Johnny performing for Mix FM

Johnny with Ferry Corsten

Johnny's broadcast is "Outbreak"